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MIG Welding Carriage - HK 5BD

  • The body is made of High strength Aluminum pressure die casting.
  • Precise Electronic control of high power motors and specially designed gear box provides excellent speed control and jerk free smooth movement even at low welding speeds.
  • High Torque provides the pulling power for the MIG torch and maintains speed.
  • High Power Magnets at the base provides excellent stability and prevents the Trolley from shaking even when MIG wire is fed at high speed.
  • Can be used for both BUTT and FILLET welding.
  • High Strength abrasion resistant Manganese Steel track for long service life.
  • Has Stitch welding option which can be easily programmed for doing stitch welding operation.
  • Display to show various parameters.
  • Available with 2 torch option to do welding of fillet from both the sides.
  • Specifications
    HK 5BD
    Model No. Overall Supply Range of Torch Adjustment Cutting Method of  Weight
      Dimension Voltage Up Down Forward Work Angle Proceeing Speed Driving KG
      MM V/HZ Backward Angle MM / MIN  
    HK-5BD 298x145x285 AC 220/50 40 mm 50 mm ±45° ±10° 0 - 1900   7.8
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