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MIG Welding Carriage - HK 8SS

  • Small volume, light weight, and easy for movement and installation.
  • Adopting built-in dustproof and anti-magnetization transmission system, simple structure, and long service life.
  • Adopting synchronous four-wheel drive, with rubber tires featuring excellent materials, high temperature resistance, and steady welding movement.
  • Specifications
    HK 8SS
    Model No. Overall Supply Range of Torch Adjustment Cutting Method of  Weight
      Dimension Voltage Up Down Forward Work Angle Proceeing Angle Speed Driving KG
      MM V/HZ   Backward     MM / MIN    
    HK-8SS 280x210x235 AC 220/50 50 mm 50 mm 360° 10° 0 - 900   7.6
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