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  •  The body is made of High strength Aluminium pressure die casting.
  • The electronic speed control provides a vide and precise range of speed control suitable for Gas   cutting operation.
  •  Easy to move.
  •  High repeatability for cutting similar components.
  • Special Cutting oxygen activated movement control to get high quality cutting at starting and    ending of cutting process.
  • High productivity. Can cut circles using circle cutting attachment, no need to make templates for     various circle sizes.

  • Specifications
    CG2 150A
    Model No. Overall Cutting  Cutting Dia of Circle Max. Length of Max. Size of  Max. Size of  Weight
      Dimension Thickness Speed Cutting Straight Cutting Cutting Square Cutting Rectangle KG
      MM MM MM / MIN MM MM MM MM  
    CG2-150A 1390x335x800 6 - 100 50 - 750 20 - 1800 1650 1270 x 1270 1700 x 340 61.5
                  500 x 1650  
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